Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the Naked Girls Reading Writing Contest?  The Naked Girls Reading Writing Contest is a contest for exceptional writers to win a cash prize and have their work read at our Naked Girls Reading HONORS event in November 2013.  The winner will also be published in an issue of the Ampersand Review.
  2. Do I have to write while naked? No, but it’s fun.  Try it.
  3. Who can submit?  Anyone over the age of 18.
  4. When is the earliest I can submit my work? Now, now!
  5. How do I submit? Frst make your non-refundable Submission Fee payment of $15 (a portion of which will go to fund the award itself) via PayPal to  Please include your Legal Name and the Name of your WRITTEN WORK.  Alternately, you may send a check for $15, made payable to Studio L’amour along with your paper submission.  Then follow the “How to Submit” rules BY CLICKING HERE.
  6. What if I don’t receive an email confirmation? Try as we might, this sometimes happens due to circumstances beyond our control.  You can email us directly and ask or sit tight and trust in technology.
  7. When is the submission deadline? All entries MUST be received by September 1st, 2013.
  8. Who are the judges? Our judges are knowledgeable individuals who have real, raw talent for what they do, and a passion for writing.  So far, we’ve booked Andrew Losowsky (Senior Books Editor for Huffington Post), author Jane Vandenburgh and last year’s recipient Bradley James Weber.  Check back later to see whom else we have chosen!
  9. How will I be judged? Honest and fair, we promise.
  10. What’s the prize? For the past two years, the award has been a cash prize of $500.  Naked Girls Reading LITERARY HONORS is a completely reader driven literary prize.  All prize money will be raised through grass roots campaigns and through the submission fees.  The winner(s) will also be published in an issue of the Ampersand Review.
  11. Should there be a theme to my work? Nope, not unless you want there to be a theme.  We respect your creativity and we want you to show it.  Feel free to email us stories about whatever you like as long as they are pieces of poetry, short fiction, criticism, or erotica.
  12. What does “Gut Level” mean? It’s hard to define.  CLICK HERE for some inspiration.
  13. How do I get started? A pen and a note book works for some, others prefer to sit down with a computer, or perhaps you’re the typewriter type like the beauty on our banner!
  14. Why should I submit? Because the Naked Girls want you to SUBMIT!  (…. But mostly because this is a great opportunity to have a little fun.)
  15. Is there an entry fee I need to pay? Yes, but a tiny one.  BEFORE you submit your work, please include a Submission Fee payment of $15 (a portion of which goes to fund the award itself) via PayPal to  Include your Legal Name and the Name of your WRITTEN WORK.  Alternately, you may send a check for $15, made payable to Lavender Cabaret along with your paper submission. The address for Naked Girls Reading is 939 West Randolph Street #300, Chicago, IL 60607
  16. What happens if I win? You will be contacted by one of our contest organizers.  So, please, please be sure to include all of your contact information.
  17. What do I do if my entry is chosen? Get excited!
  18. Is my entry fee refundable if I don’t win (or for any reason)? Simply put, no.  We use that money to administrate the contest and to fund the actual cash prize.
  19. Who do I contact if my question isn’t answered here? If you are having troubles with the website or have a question not featured on our official FAQ page, please email