Contest Rules

By submitting your work to the Naked Girls Reading LITERARY HONORS, you agree to the following rules:

  1. Your submission will not be returned to you.
  2. Though the author retains all copyrights to his/her original work, he/she grants Naked Girls Reading, and Michelle L’amour (and all her assigns) the irrevocable right to publish said work for any reason, at any time without compensation to the author.
  3. You agree that an excerpt of no more than 100 words can be posted, promoted, marketed and otherwise used in any way in associated with the Naked Girls Reading LITERARY HONORS.
  4. You are at least 18 years of age.
  5. You legally control the copyright of your original submitted work.
  6. Your submitted work is 100% original and written by you.
  7. You have not misrepresented any portion of your work or yourself during the entry process or any other time concerning Naked Girls Reading.
  8. You have not violated any statute, ordinance or law by writing and/or submitting your work.
  9. Your Submission Fee is not refundable for any reason.

These rules can change at any time.  Please check back for any changes.